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Here is a growing list of articles that I have found or put together dealing with nutrition and wellness. I will periodically add new listing as I can.

Remember, consult your healthcare professional before changing/adding any herbs or medicines.

Article 1 - Glycemic Index (better to count than calories, sugar, fat, etc.?)
Article 2 - Dietary Chromium (the anti-diabetes mineral?)
Article 3 - Salt and blood pressure
Article 4 - Nettle (natural antihistamine and more)
Article 5 - Grapeseed extract (anti-oxidant, anti-stroke, and more)
Article 6 - Dealing with the cold/flu season. Suggestions for natural remedies
Article 7 - Extra news on Glucosamine!
Article 8 - Ginger/Vitamin B6 helps with morning sickness!
Article 9 - The importance of taking vitamin C when taking vitamin E - REDONE and UPDATED!! READ!
Article 10 - GOUT - and the natural "magic bullet"
Article 11 - What about MSM and joint health?
Article 12 - Peanut Butter - Healthy or not? (Should one use "natural" style?)
Article 13 - New health warnings concerning bad drugs
Article 14 - Drinking supplemental water revisited (8 by 8?)
Article 15 - New information about DARK CHOCOLATE!
Article 16 - What about Beta-Carotene and smokers?
Article 17 - Chromium Supplements May East Carb Craving Linked to Depression
Article 18 - Nature's answer for Tamiflu? Elderberry as powerful anti-viral?
Article 19 - Blood Pressure may signal that your heart rhythm is out of sync - PULSE PRESSURE